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Coumadin clinic

Coumadin (brand name warfarin) is a oral anticoagulant used to stop formation or progression of blood clots. It is commonly used in conditions such as:
 Deep Venous Thrombosis (blood clot in vein)
 Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot that has traveled into the lung)
 Atrial Fibrillation ( Irregular heart rhythm that predisposes to blood clots in the heart)
 Cerebral Vascular Accident ( certain types of strokes caused by blood clots floating to the brain)
 Mechanical heart valves
 If your doctor has recommended coumadin therapy then you will need continuous blood monitoring for the duration of therapy. Some patients will go the lab and have a blood drawn and then receive a call from the doctor later to adjust their dosing. Here in our coumadin clinic you will get a simple finger stick and a drop of blood will be analyzed in 1 minute. You will then receive instant results and instructions for dose adjustment.
 Monday PM and Wednesday AM office hours will have times available for testing.
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