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We do not do lab testing in office other than dipstick urinalysis and PT/INR for coumadin testing.
We refer patients to outpatient labs in the area. We do not have an affiliation with any particular lab . Lab choice should be determined by insurance coverage and patient preference.
We do have direct electronic communication with Quest labs and Lab Corp Labs which facilitates entry into our Electronic Medical record however lab choice should still be primarily driven by insurance and patient preference.
Please be advised that Medicare and some insurance companies may not cover all ordered tests. This is frequently an issue with some screening tests but may also be an issue with some routine labs as well. . Our physicians are ordering what they feel is needed for adequate patient care .It is the sole responsibility of the patient to assertain if the tests are a covered or non covered service and proceed per there discretion. Payment for any non covered services is the sole responsibility of the patient. 
TIP: Make a appointment for lab draw at links below to make it a much smoother experience.  
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